Sunday 15 November 2009

Do You Wanna

I certainly don't. Yet I've been forced into it, you see. You don't see? That's fine. This will be an ABSURDLY SHORT post - because my entire week was a big massive fat nowt. As usual the line between life and art is seperated by two DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT COLOURS. This one for life - this one for art. Fairly simple isn't it? No? That's fine.

With nary a moment's thought I set to the doctor's on Monday to be told that the reason for agonies was simply that I was AN ENORMOUS PIG, medically speaking. "Tell me something I don't know doc" I yelled. Her response was brief and fairly cruel. Move it or lose it. Or do both. I opt for the neither but agree to watch my intake. Not too closely. Success then.
As stated previously my week was as rotund and useless as myself - did a bit of a bar crawl on Thursday around the old aleries of industrial Sheffield. The greatest was the Kelham Island adjacent Fat Cat -a very tall Victorian affair with different rooms and lots of good ales.
This is a fat cat. Probably not in the Fat Cat.

Last night I went to a gig to see the ASTOUNDING Northern Oak and various other folky-battlemetally type band. As always, the genre ain't my cup of tea - but I love Northern Oak unconditionally - also another act were particularly good - Andraste - who has mandolins and all manner of other agreeable celtic boogies to their sound. Also Alex Sotheran was there being old and crabby and old. His writes a blog that's won him the awards of Iceland and the hearts of many.
It's been a slow damn week for art. I drew a rather elaborate picture that I intend to spent some time over, but you just passsed a preview above. Just to whet yon beaks and faces. Also for the first time PICTURES of the momentous Saturday Owen in Rock nineties show -

look at us. God we're metal. That's Mr Rob Dillon and Adam Page joining me in my posing. Crikey.
Finally - as I've said variously in different places - I'm in the midst of producing AN FANTASY EPIC LOLZ in the medium of audio. THERE'S AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW HERE Nice - but it's weeks away from completion. Will update you on it's progress.

That was longer than I thought it was going to be. How time flies by - and the echoed words of a thousand strangers grow fainter and fainter over the howling winds of the void that steadily nears. SEE YOU ON THE 22nd!!!

Art is here
Audio is here
Dan Shandy is here
Radio show is here

O - x

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