Sunday 22 November 2009

Home Tonight

...if I had fifty bloody pounds to spare and no MASSIVE ENORMOUS DEADLINES looming distant ready to crush my sodding head into the ground. However as winter draws in I do long more for the frosty fields of my fatherland - no matter how chav-ridden and comparatively rife with inactivity it has become. Right - you recall the drill - life can be seen in this colour - and art in this one.

This week seems to have disappeared under my feet - although it was infinitely harder on my long-suffering laptop who is, as I write, hooked up to a thousand different life-support machines just to make it go. I shudders and whirs and occasionally shuts down and I ponder a replacement. At this point in time there's no such thing as an affordable purple machine - but THERE IS something equally as gaudy - and I'm pondering it.This is quite a sinister view of it, isn't it? Like I'd come in my room one day and see it at this angle - and it would release a single shrill cry "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" and I would leave. Quickly.
Laptop perversions aside my week was also graced with
the magical strains of Northern Oak who so EASILY could have played a Dan Shandy cover, but they didn't. Heathen devils. Also at that gig was Echofall, who I'd not seen before. Very good powery metal, reminiscent of an early nwobhm band, complete with shrill singer who caused the bar staff to clutch the alcohol cabinets in worry. The first band of the evening were a bothersome 'hardcore' band of little kids whose fashions were so mesmerizingly fucking silly that I can barely remember what they actually played.

This is literally them. 'Twatcore' anyone?

Right - Artwise this week has been a bit of a cop-out. I would absolutely love to blame the death of my laptop but this just ISN'T THE CASE . Did a logo for a metal night that absolutely everybody hated but I don't think it's THAT god awful, surely? To be rejected with embarrassed silence - ? Och well. It's below so judge for yourselves really. Been fixing up and recording my FANTASY EPIC in my spare moments (that's all my awake moments really - although the true 'spare' nature of them is debatable) and it's shaping up to be something rather bloody special. Although it could just be shite. One of the two. Finally, my legendary radio show wasn't on this week. More's the pity - oh well.
WHOEVER DESIGNED THAT MUST BE A BASTARD. Right, off for the day - to pies and essay planning and ritually beating my laptop with a donkey's leg stuffed with cloves in hope that it's spirit will re-enter before I have to sacrifice 400 representations of pounds for a very red thing. See you on the 29th - wherein the deadlines will be close to rearing their hideous heads.

Art is here
Audio is here
Dan Shandy is here

O - x

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