Sunday 8 November 2009

Honeysuckle Love the most twee name for a post ever don't you think? - and possibly the least relevant. That's the power of shuffle for you. What a week - what a HELL OF A WEEK. I'm about to tell you about it now. Are you ready?

How unfortunate. You've forgotten the RULES already. I'll reiterate; life is in this colour, art is in this one. It's quite simple really - I'm not quite sure how you forgot in the first place. CACKMINDEDNESS I'm sure. Let's forget our troubles with a big blog post.

A week of unrelenting laziness - the chipper and exciting baroness of humour Dawn Hadley had marked one of my mid-term essays. Apparently difficult to read. Construct sentences badly apparently. Don't think possible it is. My sentences are perfect. Per

Dawn correcting THE LORD OF ALL CREATION on his sentence construction. In a field.

Fect. My other mid-term I failed to get back because I went out for pie with my visiting brother. He is a gimp - but a fairly lovable one. I'd link you somewhere but I have no idea where he works from these days. Used to have a blog (a bit less exciting than this one) but that's now vanished. He's on twitter I think. Twitter is shite. That is all. The rest of the week was consumed with bizarre and vague pain that is yet to subside. How tiresome. Oh and today I went on AN ADVENTURE - it was BRILLIANT - I went to ALL MANOR* OF EXCITING PLACES.

I was in there. It was fantastic.

*this was a pun. Did you enjoy it?

Artistically this week yielded sparse but enjoyable products. Firstly - last week I recorded a new audio thing for Crazy Fox Machine (there's a link at the end, or if you're a sharp cookie you'll have gone along that thar hyperlink) which is an unfinished thing half written by me and half by my SOULMATE Robert John Phillips Esq - laird of Brightonshire. Also I began working on a FANTASY EPIC that will see the light of day in 2010 or so. Look out for the teaser poster that I probably won't draw.
Something I definetly did draw was a tailpiece to that big 'Stark' montage of the other week - the final design of the character which DOMINATED the top of the post up there. Looking rather funky. ICEFUNKY.
Finally - whether you can call this art or not - Saturday's Owen in Rock radio show is available online at THIS LOCATION which is nice. It was set within the eighties and guest-starred the handsome goth icon and all-round rock soc financial fellow; Mark Jones.

Right. Out of that filthy mosscolour and goodbye with you. I'm going to wrestle with my belly and hope that it'll see sense and SHUT UP. Also sleep - tons of sleep. See you on the 15th - with a more SUNNY OUTLOOK (although it'll still be fucking cold I'll warrant).

Radio Be Here
Art Be Here
Audio Be Here
Dan Shandy and the Shambling Dandies Be Here

O - x

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